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Velsoft offers hundreds of high-quality facilitator kits that supply training providers with everything they need to deliver amazing programs and workshops.

What is courseware?

Courseware is educational material developed as kits and used for instructor-led training (ILT) or virtual instructor-led training (vILT). These kits contain all the resources and handouts a trainer needs to facilitate a training program, including an instructor guide, student manual, tutorial workbook with sample working files, pre-made PowerPoint slides, quick reference guides, etc. Our courseware covers a wide variety of subjects.



Select the course – or bundle of courses – of your choice and immediately download. No waiting for delivery.



All course components come ready-to-use or you can open the courses in MS Word, Pages or Google Docs to make any customizations you’d like.



When your course is ready, you can print the exact the number of copies you need – no ordering more manuals than necessary.
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Confidence in the classroom

Always prepared

Be prepared with Customizable Courseware from Velsoft

A single place for all your white-label courseware, amazing continuity and quality across all your training programs, and hundreds (and hundreds) of courses that can be easily modified to suit any training situation or environment. With Velsoft courseware, you are always well prepared for your next class.

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Download a sample package with demos of each component of our customizable courseware.
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Hundreds of high quality courses

Why develop your own training materials when we've done it for you?

Velsoft offers the best instructor-led training courses, developed by professional authors, editors and subject matter experts.

Fully Customizable

Easily make changes to the courseware you require – such as taking off our name and replacing it with yours.

Perpetual License

There are no annual renewal fees. Once you make a purchase, all training materials are yours to keep.

Unlimited Users

Velsoft customizable courseware comes with the rights to train as many people as you like - forever.

Courses you can edit

It's easier to edit than to author.

For every hour in the classroom, it takes about 40 hours of preparation work. A two-day training course at 7.5 hours per day could easily require 600 hours of preparatory time. At Velsoft we’ve done this work for you so that all you need to do is make any edits required to customize your training.


Everything you need to deliver amazing training

Each courseware title is a complete trainers' kit that comes with the following course components:

Instructor Guide

Velsoft Instructor Guides are the core of each training course. Our Instructor Guides lay out the training in simple, easy-to-follow instructions. You can also customize the Instructor Guides in order to personalize your training.

Student Manual

Each Instructor Guide - for each course - is paired with a Student Manual that you can present to your participants.

Exercise Workbook

Velsoft offers an Exercise Workbook (also customizable) that is specific to the course you are offering. You can choose whether this is something you would like to present to your students.

Sample Files

For the Computer Fundamentals and Microsoft 365 courses, pre-made Sample Exercise Files are provided for use with the Lab Workbook so that trainers don’t have to prepare activity working files.

PowerPoint Deck

Courseware from Velsoft is designed to give you everything you need for use in the classroom or for your workshop. This includes the PowerPoint versions of all the courses, prepared for you in advance.

Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guides are a favorite tool for trainers to provide to their learners. Each Quick Reference Guide summarizes the most important elements in each courseware title in only two pages.


Download a sample and see for yourself


Courseware you can customize.
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