Iglooo empowers everyone to create rich and interactive eLearning games without the need to know how to do programming
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Boost your eLearning with free, easy-to-make interactions.

Iglooo builder makes it easy to create and share HTML5-based eLearning games and interactions to make your online courses fun and highly engaging. In fact, you don’t need to be a programmer, as Iglooo empowers you to produce meaningful and interactive elements to supercharge the learning experience.

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All the features you’d expect.

High-quality content

Hundreds of courses focusing on workplace learning performance skills.

Secure, staff-facing online campus

Staff login area that features a catalog for selecting courses beyond the ones assigned.

Reporting platform

Included is our award-winning LMS with detailed reporting features. Some organizations may already have an LMS. Not to worry, we can integrate this instead.

Build your own

Quiz Game

Add a quiz with True or False, Multiple Choice or Single Choice questions that provides instant feedback.

Build your own

Memory Game

Use our Memory Game editor to easily create a memory game to embed in your content. Add as many matching pairs as you want to increase the difficulty and challenge learners.

Share rich content

Create engaging eLearning games without needing to be a programmer

Simply edit pre-built interactivities with your own content. All that is needed to view or edit Iglooo content is a web browser. As a result of Iglooo, your HTML5 content will be fun and inviting to learners.

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Boost your eLearning with free, easy-to-make interactions.

Build Your Own eLearning Games

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Courseware you can customize.
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