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“The package I purchased will allow me to grow my practice. The product you offer is amazing.”

“…thank you [Velsoft] SoftSkills Courseware; you are a life and time saver for many of us who own businesses! Kudos to you!”

“The Velsoft curriculum (library) has been a great addition to our training workshops. The ability to customize and deliver training in smaller components has increased our attendance dramatically.”

“I cannot even describe what a great course I was able to deliver. Your courseware took me from spending weeks building a program to spending just three days.”

"The programs are comprehensive and well planned. It is a complete turnkey system…”

"The courses I ordered from [Velsoft] Soft Skills have been extremely useful to me, in setting up my own training consultancy. They are written in an easy-to-follow format, and can easily be personalized for various industries, and groups. I particularly like the advertorials, as they include all the course contents, and again are easy to modify with your own material, photographs, etc. Thoroughly recommend. A great return on a modest investment.”

“The way you have designed the materials makes this a very simple process… Thanks for helping make my job so much easier.”

“…With the Soft Skills courseware we found the total package to be comprehensive but it still allowed us to make customizations to link it specifically to our business, making it more relevant to our staff. A fantastic, comprehensive, customizable package…”

“…since I was introduced to your soft skills training software, I must admit that I have reduced the preparation time by almost one half… I highly recommend your product to any serious trainer.”


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