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OpenEMIS is an Open Source Education Management Information System designed to manage education systems.

Used by 17,965 Institutions


OpenEMIS is free open source software.

Source cost is source code is freely accessible and modifiable.


OpenEMIS is a cost-effective, open-source software, meaning it’s not only free of licensing costs but can also be configured to fit local contexts. This dramatically minimizes software budgets while offering a powerflexible, tailor-made solution.



OpenEMIS is supported by a global community of users that inform future developments.


Customize OpenEMIS database, forms, indicators, reports to meet your requirements.


OpenEMIS protects your data with industry-standard security protocols.

Student data.

Student data.

Collect and report data on student attendance, behavior, and progress.
OpenEMIS Student Data
OpenEMIS Teacher

Teacher data.

Teacher data.

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Institutional data.

Institutional data.

Manage data on educational institutions to optimize resources and services.
OpenEMIS Institution Data


Education Management Information System

In addition to conducting the yearly education census, oversee a comprehensive collection of education data, encompassing real-time information on students and staff. Establish a robust national education data repository to monitor participation, inclusiveness, infrastructure, resources, and learning evaluations.
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OpenEMIS Students in School

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Free open source platfrom developed by UNESCO and CSF and supported by Velsoft.

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