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Microsoft Access 2016: Part One


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If you haven’t added Microsoft Access 2016 to your course offerings, now is the time! We’ve made it easy with this Microsoft Access 2016 Part One program that covers all the

basics, including:

  • An introduction to the Access interface
  • The basics of creating a database with tables, forms, queries, and reports
  • Table management tools, including data normalization and the Relationships window
  • Techniques for importing and exporting data with Access

Each Velsoft course package comes complete with all the tools you need to deliver a comprehensive training session ? an instructor guide, student manual, quick reference guide, PowerPoint slides, and more.

About This Course

Course Prerequisites

Course Overview

Course Objectives

How To Use This Book

Lesson 1:
Getting Started with Access

Microsoft Access 2016

Access Files

Opening Databases

Access Web Apps

The Access 2016 Application Window


Forms and Views



The Ribbon Interface

Activity 1-1

Database Templates

Web App Templates

Save Options

Field Definition

Methods to Create a Form

Form Object Views

Form Sections

Modifying Existing Forms

Saving Forms

Deleting Forms

Access Web App Views

Activity 1-2

Using Tell Me

Accessing Advanced Help Options

Activity 1-3


Review Questions

Lesson 2:
Working with Table Data


Commit, Save, and Undo

Quick Search

The Find and Replace Dialog Box

Datasheet Totals

Activity 2-1

Adding New Records

Updating Records with a Query

Append Queries

Navigating Through Records

Printing Records

Activity 2-2

The Sort Feature

The Filter Feature

Filter Commands

The Group Feature

Activity 2-3

Lookup Fields

The Property Sheet Pane

Activity 2-4


Review Questions

Lesson 3:
Querying a Database

Query Views

The Simple Query Wizard

Types of Queries

The Run Command

Query Design

Saving Queries

Deleting Queries

Renaming Queries

Activity 3-1

Query Criteria

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Sorting Query Results

Grouping Query Results

Formatting Query Fields

The Zoom Dialog Box

Activity 3-2

Arithmetic Operators

Adding Calculated Fields

Adding Conditional Logic

Activity 3-3


Review Questions

Lesson 4:
Creating Advanced Queries

Parameter Queries

Wildcards in a Parameter Query

The Ampersand Operator

Activity 4-1

Action Queries

Types of Action Queries

Activity 4-2

The Find Duplicates Query Wizard

The Find Unmatched Query Wizard

Activity 4-3

Crosstab Queries

Multiple Table Queries

Activity 4-4


Review Questions

Lesson 5:
Generating Reports

Report Creation Tools

Using Application Parts to Create Reports

Report Views

The Report Wizard

Saving a Report

Modifying an Existing Report

Deleting a Report

Activity 5-1

Report Sections

Adding Controls

Modifying Control Properties

Managing Labels

Inserting Images

Activity 5-2



Activity 5-3

Adding a Header or Footer

Inserting Page Numbers

Page Setup Options

The Print Preview Tab

Activity 5-4


Review Questions

Lesson 6:
Customizing the Access Environment

Access Options

Activity 6-1


Review Questions

Lesson 7:
Designing a Relational Database

Relational Databases

The Relational Database Design Process

The Statement of Purpose

Existing Data

Guidelines for Determining Fields

Business Rules

Guidelines for Grouping Fields into Tables

Primary Keys

Foreign Keys

Composite Keys

Table Relationships

Activity 7-1

Table Creation Options

Importing Tables from Other Databases

Creating Tables with Templates

Table Views

Data Types

Inserting Fields

Quick Start Fields

Deleting Fields

Calendar for Picking Dates

The Lookup Wizard

The Table Properties Dialog Box

Activity 7-2

Renaming a Table

Changing Field Captions

Changing Field Sizes

Configuring Fields to Auto-Increment

Setting the Default Value for a Field

Activity 7-3

The Relationships Window

Referential Integrity

Guidelines for Enforcing Referential Integrity

The Edit Relationships Dialog Box

Join Lines

Relationship Report

Activity 7-4


Review Questions

Lesson 8:
Joining Tables

Query Joins

Inner Joins

Outer Joins

The Join Properties Dialog Box

Activity 8-1

Joining Tables with No Common Fields

Activity 8-2


The Alias Property

Activity 8-3


Activity 8-4


Activity 8-5


Review Questions

Lesson 9:
Organizing a Database for Efficiency

First Normal Form

Second Normal Form

Third Normal Form


The Table Analyzer Wizard

Activity 9-1

Many-to-Many Relationships

Junction Tables

Activity 9-2


Review Questions

Lesson 10:
 Sharing Data Across Applications

Data Importing

The Get External Data Wizard


Activity 10-1

Data Exporting

Activity 10-2

Exporting Access Data to Excel

Activity 10-3

The Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard

Merge Fields

The Mail Merge Task Pane

Activity 10-4


Review Questions

Lesson 11:
Advanced Reporting

Report Design Elements

Report Design Tools

The Group, Sort, and Total Pane

The Field List Pane

Adding a Background Image to a Report

Activity 11-1

Report Format Tools

Report Control Properties

Report Pagination

Activity 11-2

Data Bars


Activity 11-3

Calculated Fields

Activity 11-4


Activity 11-5


Review Questions

Lesson 12:
Additional Reporting Options

The Label Wizard

Activity 12-1

Publishing a Report as PDF

Activity 12-2


Review Questions

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson Lab 4-2

Lesson Lab 5-1

Lesson Lab 5-2

Lesson Lab 6-1

Lesson Lab 7-1

Lesson Lab 7-2

Lesson Lab 8-1

Lesson Lab 8-2

Lesson Lab 9-1

Lesson Lab 10-1

Lesson Lab 10-2

Lesson Lab 11-1

Lesson Lab 11-2

Lesson Lab 12-1


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet



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