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Upgrading to Publisher 2010 Complete


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Our one-level Upgrading to Publisher 2010 Complete training courseware will help students who are familiar with earlier versions of Publisher upgrade to the 2010 edition. It will also allow students who are familiar with Office 2010, but who have not used Publisher, to gain a basic understanding of the program.

Section One is all about getting started. To begin, the new features of the application and the interface are covered. Then, students will learn how to customize the ribbon interface and the Quick Access toolbar.

Sections Two and Three provide in-depth information on each of Publisher’s standard tabs, as well as a brief look at each contextual tab.

Section Four covers new publication features. The first half of the section focuses on creating and modifying templates. Then, picture-formatting tools and typography tools are covered. To wrap up the section, participants will learn about the re-designed print features as well as native PDF and XPS support.

Section Five wraps up the course with a look at Building Blocks, which includes page parts, calendars, borders, accents, and advertisements.

By the end of this Upgrading to Publisher 2010 Complete training course, students will be able to hit the ground running with this popular desktop publishing program. As always, all Velsoft training materials are fully customizable.



Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Starting Out

What is Microsoft Office Publisher 2010?

What’s New in Microsoft Office Publisher 2010?

Opening Publisher

Interacting with Publisher

Closing Publisher


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Lesson 1.2: Interface Basics

Interface Overview

Using the File Menu (Backstage View)

Using Standard Tabs

Using Contextual Tabs

Minimizing the Ribbon


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Lesson 1.3: Using the Quick Access Toolbar

The Default Quick Access Toolbar Commands

Adding Commands

Removing Commands

Customizing the Toolbar


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Lesson 1.4: Customizing the Ribbon

Getting Started

Adding or Removing Tabs

Arranging Tabs and Groups

Creating New Tabs and Groups

Customizing Group Commands

Resetting all Customizations


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Section 1: Case Study

Section 1: Review Questions

Section 2: The Publisher Tabs, Part One

Lesson 2.1: The Home Tab

Clipboard Commands

Font Commands

Paragraph Commands

Styles Commands

Objects Commands

Arrange Commands

Editing Commands


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Lesson 2.2: The Insert Tab

Pages Commands

Tables Commands

Illustrations Commands

Building Blocks Commands

Text Commands

Links Commands

Header and Footer Commands


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Lesson 2.3: The View Tab

Views Commands

Layout Commands

Show Commands

Zoom Commands

Window Commands


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Lesson 2.4: The Page Design Tab

Template Commands

Page Setup Commands

Layout Commands

Pages Commands

Schemes Commands

Page Background Commands


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Section 2: Case Study

Section 2: Review Questions

Section 3: The Publisher Tabs, Part Two

Lesson 3.1: The Mailings Tab

Start Commands

Write & Insert Fields Commands

Preview Results Commands

Finish Commands


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Lesson 3.2: The Review Tab

Proofing Commands

Language Commands


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Lesson 3.3: Contextual Tabs, Part One

Drawing Tools – Format Tab

Text Box Tools – Format Tab

Catalog Tools – Format Tab

WordArt Tools – Format Tab


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Lesson 3.4: Contextual Tabs, Part Two

Picture Tools – Format Tab

Table Tools Tabs (Design and Layout)

Master Page Tab

Web Tab

Developer Tab


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Section 3: Case Study

Section 3: Review Questions

Section 4: New Publication Features

Lesson 4.1: Creating a New Publication

Creating a Blank Publication

Creating a Publication from Installed Templates

Creating a Publication from Online Templates


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Lesson 4.2: Doing More with Your Publication

Changing the Template in Use

Changing Template Options

Using the Page Navigation Pane

Toggling Automatic Alignment


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Lesson 4.3: Formatting Pictures

Touching Up Pictures

Adding a Picture Style

Advanced Cropping Tools

Adding Captions

Swapping Pictures

Adding and Using Picture Placeholders


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Lesson 4.4: Using Typography Tools

Choosing a Number Style

Choosing a Ligature Style

Choosing a Stylistic Set

Managing Swashes

Choosing Stylistic Alternates


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Lesson 4.5: Finishing a Publication

Print Commands

Using Print Preview

Setting Basic Print Options

Setting Printer Properties

Publishing to PDF or XPS


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Section 4: Case Study

Section 4: Review Questions

Section 5: Working with Building Blocks

Lesson 5.1: Adding Page Parts

Inserting a Page Part

Editing Page Parts

Modifying Page Parts

Adding a Page Part to the Gallery

Finding More Page Parts


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Lesson 5.2: Adding Calendars

Inserting a Calendar

Editing Calendars

Modifying Calendars

Formatting Calendars

Adding a Calendar to the Gallery

Finding More Calendars


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Lesson 5.3: Adding Borders and Accents

Inserting a Border or Accent

Modifying Borders and Accents

Formatting Borders and Accents

Adding Borders and Accents to the Gallery

Finding More Borders and Accents


Skill Sharpener

Lesson 5.4: Adding Advertisements

Inserting Advertisements

Editing Advertisements

Modifying Advertisements

Formatting Advertisements

Adding Advertisements to the Gallery

Finding More Advertisements


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Section 5: Case Study

Section 5: Review Questions

Answer Key

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5


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