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Enhanced Learning Experiences with UDL


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“Enhancing Learning Experiences with UDL” is a one-day course for educators who are looking to advance their practice and create more inclusive and equitable learning experiences for the diverse needs of all learners. In this course, participants will engage in a comprehensive design process, utilizing the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework to transform curricula. By implementing UDL principles, they will effectively eliminate barriers to learning and optimize learner success. Throughout the course, participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies for creating accessible, engaging, and inclusive learning experiences.

Session One: Course Overview

Course Overview

Learning Objectives


Pre-Course Preparation

Pre-Course Assessment

Session Two: UDL Refresher

Pre-Assignment Review

UDL Carousel Activity

Session Three: Discovery

UDL Flowchart Exercise

UDL Think, Pair, Share Example

UDL Think, Pair, Share Activity

Session Four: Dream

Creative Exploration

Three Barrier Removal Exercises

Addressing Red Flags

Session Five: Design

Designing Learning Experiences with UDL in Mind

DIY Time


Session Six: Deliver

Presentation Prep

Elevator Pitch Presentation Preparation

Sharing Symposium - The Elevator Pitches

Personal Action Plan

Course Summary

Recommended Reading List

Post-Course Assignment

UDL Refresher Quiz and Post-Course Assessment Answer Keys

Pre-Course Assessment: UDL Refresher

Post-Course Assignment

Assignment Answer Keys

Session Two: UDL Refresher

Session Three: Discovery

Session Four: Dream

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