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Amazing Edtech Sales Rep

Remote,  Contract

If you are a Kickass sales professional who wants to make great money working at an amazing company then keep reading!

We are an educational technologies company who offers incredible technologies to training providers (corporate trainers & HR managers, public institutions such as universities and colleges, private training centres and anyone else who trains others) in over 160 countries worldwide. These technologies include an amazing learning management system (LMS), unbelievable eLearning authoring software, an unbeatable virtual classroom technology, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of awesome eLearning courses, off-the-charts instructor-led course material and other very cool and disruptive technologies not available from any other company.

What gets us out of bed in the morning:

Our quest for improvement is never over, but our mission is simple… design, build and share educational technologies that matter. This means that any new training products in the Velsoft suite of content or technology must improve our client’s success and be a significant improvement over not only that of our competitors, but also our own.

But to do this we need sales professionals who are going to talk to companies from all over the world and let them know how we can make their training programs more successful.

We value our people:

Every new member of our team changes what Velsoft is and what we will become. We want to grow and we know it is our sales team that will get us there. We respect sales and have no misgivings on how important sales is to any organization.

Our Hiring Process:

  1. You find this ad (congratulations you’ve already started the process).
  2. You read this ad.
  3. It piques your interest and/or makes you want to disprove our claims.
  4. You tell us you’re interested.
  5. If you have a resume send it, if not, we’ll assume you have been too busy selling to prepare one.
  6. We have two calls; one for you to talk about you and the other for us to tell you how wonderful your life will be working with us.
  7. Your friends want to work for us too and you earn a cool referral bonus for each one!
  8. Assuming you are a closer you’ll just want to get this done. Us too. Let’s not waste time.

Job Description:

We’re pretty confident you already know the job description; introduce our products to new and existing customers with their success as your key objective.


The better you do, the better we do. The better we do, the better you do. In other words, if you respect sales, love sales and are good at sales you can do extremely well.


We are a modern technology company. We believe in the mobile workforce. You are welcome to work where you are most comfortable. We have a very cool office in New Glasgow but you are not required to work from here.

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